Bus and Rail Service

Gameday Shuttle Line to HP Pavilion

For home Skarks games, run a line similar to the Muni Metro S line that runs from the Market St. Subway to ATT park every home game. Run this line from Santa Teresa, then after Convention Center make a left turn (the tracks already exist) towards the rest of the Vasona line, and terminate at Diridon Station. Do a better job promoting the line, and have the Sharks advertise riding the train to the game, as parking along... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Citizen-Focused Service Performance Management

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is, in part, a service-oriented organization. In order for a service-oriented organization to be successful, it must focus on providing high quality service to its existing customers. By doing so, existing customers become loyal and feel compelled to tell others about their positive experiences with the organization.

Along with its organizational vision and mission,... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Overnight/morning routes

Overnight routes for those of us working late nights/early mornings. They don't have run as often, nor does every route need to run, but it is very difficult to tell a prospective employer you cant work their 3pm-11pm shift (example) because the buses stop running after 10:30pm.


Not to mention, it would make bus a viable alternative to taxi for last call at local pubs.

Bus and Rail Service

Employer Sponsored EcoPass(Free to Use on VTA by Employees)

Employers play a major role in influencing how employees use public transit.

Details about VTA's Ecopass program are @ http://www.vta.org/ecopass/ecopass_corp/epbenefits.html

I think VTA should approach each major employer along North first street and atleast bring to their notice about VTA's Ecopass program

I approached my employer to offer Free Ecopasses to all our employees and they were happy to do it.It is also... more »

Bus and Rail Service

More Park/Ride Light Rail Stations

As we know that VTA does not cover each and every location and even when there is coverage the frequency of buses is very low.
There are quite a few people who want to use public transit like light rail atleast part of their commute and the other part by their cars.

Unlike caltrain , vta has very little park & ride lots.This makes it very difficult for commuters who want to use cars as part of their commute.

VTA should... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Express Buses to Mountain View and Sunnyvale

A lot of people work in Mountain View and Sunnyvale, so why are the express buses only going to Palo Alto and Fremont? There is only ONE EXPRESS bus from San Jose to Sunnyvale. And it only makes ONE trip a day each direction.

All other buses that make that trip are LIMITED buses (and the "Rapid" 522), which take a LONG time.

It seems like fast, frequent service from San Jose to MV or Sunnyvale would get more people... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Express Light Rail during weekday peek hours

This would be a Light Rail train that only stops at certain important stops. An example would be a train leaving Santa Teresa would head straight to Ohlone-Chynoweth, then Tamien, then Convention Center, the Santa Clara. Passengers at non-Express stops would transfer at the nearest Express stop for a faster ride on Light Rail. Unlike Express bus service, this should be regular fare.

Bus and Rail Service

More Community Buses and timed transfers

Since Community Buses have lower fares, VTA should use them on routes that are short and/or only serve a certain community. Examples are the 47, 48, bring back the 15 and perhaps another bus running between Morgan Hill and San Martin Caltrains, the 40, etc.

Also timed transfers between short route Community buses with long route normal buses, Express buses, and Light Rail lines would ease travel on VTA. Any Light Rail... more »

Bus and Rail Service

More EcoPass incentives or discount fares

It would be a good idea to provide EcoPasses or a special student montly fare to students at the various colleges and universities that are within VTA's service area in order to encourage their ridership. Younger students who aren't old enough to drive are covered by Youth fare but college students are not. Maybe even a yearly pass that is valid between August and June for a reasonable price. VTA should also attempt to... more »

Bus and Rail Service

More Community Buses for remote areas of the county

These buses wouldn't have to run that often. 30 minutes during peak hours and 45-60 minutes off peak would be fine. I'm specifically talking about serving South County more. Bring back the Line 15, make the 16 go to the Morgan Hill Caltrain, and add another Line that serves areas of Morgan Hill not served by the 15 and 16 and can also serve San Martin.

Also, Monte Sereno currently isn't served by VTA. Many of the people... more »