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Best-Route Enhanced

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Using google to search for a best route somewhere is okay... except they are forced to use "hubs" for transfer points.

As a former bus commuter, I have consistently designed my own routes to get across the city and have found that the best routes are not ones that google or any other mapping service can provide.

Create one of these or both:

1. A mapping system that allows riders to share their "best routes" and have... more »

Hack My Ride Ideas

Ride related data (schedule accuracy, energy consumed/saved/etc)

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To produce data that could:

* - compare schedule times with actual times to see what deviation there is

* - Use the data to state how much energy is consumed per leg in route by some rough calculations regarding average speed, distance and energy consumption rates of the vehicles

* - Show through infographics how much energy is saved / how much carbon has not been put into the environment / etc. by taking an average... more »

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Tool to show where commuters go vs. VTA routes

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A map showing the accessibility of public transportation compared to the actual population density, the populations which need transportation the most (like households who have no cars or not many cars -- data that could be pulled from the census), and the commutes that people actually take.
I've heard many times that transit decisions are motivated as much by politics as by actual community needs. The map would show... more »

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Plan trips with bikes

A tool, similar to google maps' "get directions by public transport", but which permits the user the choice between:
"Do I want to walk to/from the stop/station" or
"Do I want to bike to/from the stop/station", and possibly even to be able to specify that "I am willing to walk/bike a distance of x miles to get to/from the stop/station".
By biking I can choose from a vastly larger range of potential stops/stations, and... more »

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Preprogram your stop

Have you ever climbed on the bus without knowing quite when to get off?

Perhaps you hope to get engrossed in your book or phone, or you'd like to catch a few Zs along the way. Perhaps you're going to a new stop, and you're not sure just when to pull the cord so you'll be past the previous stop without shooting past your intended destination.

This app should, at a minimum, notify you just as the bus or train passes... more »

Hack My Ride Ideas

Map how far I can go in a given time. Identify transit deserts.

Based on calculated trips, recorded data, or a combination, pick a spot on the map and plot bands of color based on how far a person can go via walking and transit in different amounts of time.


Selecting various origins based on population density and business centers, show areas and routes not served by the existing transit system.

Hack My Ride Ideas

Hack My Outreach

Outreach, Inc. provides paratransit services to VTA for passengers with disabilities who are unable to use VTA's fixed-route service. Paratransit is a shared-ride service, with several pickups and dropoffs along the way. Many Outreach riders complain about lengthy, circuitous routes; one calls them "world tours". :-) In fact, there is a Federal standard that paratransit rides should take no longer than twice as long as... more »

Hack My Ride Ideas

Para Transit CRM

A mobile app that customers can use for Outreach ride scheduling. ride management, ride status, payments, and ride history. To meet this use, provide (or utilize) fleet and personnel management data. Provide an automated notification system to customers that provides ride status updates such as accurate arrival estimates. If arrival is delayed, additional notices are sent. Provide a customer call back system so customers... more »