Bus and Rail Service

Gameday Shuttle Line to HP Pavilion

For home Skarks games, run a line similar to the Muni Metro S line that runs from the Market St. Subway to ATT park every home game. Run this line from Santa Teresa, then after Convention Center make a left turn (the tracks already exist) towards the rest of the Vasona line, and terminate at Diridon Station. Do a better job promoting the line, and have the Sharks advertise riding the train to the game, as parking along... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Better connections to Caltrain

Caltrain works very well if you want to go quickly from San Jose to points north/west. VTA's light rail lines have some quite fast sections south of Downtown San Jose. Together, they could make a rapid transit network that can take transit riders all the way across the county quickly, in the way that freeways do for drivers. But the connections are often poorly timed, especially between the Caltrain and the Santa Teresa... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Time-based fare policy

VTA needs to adopt a time-based fare collection policy system wide. Currently, on light rail, $2.00 buys you 2 hours of travel. You can change trains or reverse direction as long as you don’t exceed the expiration time stamped on the ticket. However, if you need to use the bus, you have to pay every time you board. If you have to take more than one bus, or a bus and a train, you’re penalized by the arbitrary geography... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Bus Route 40 needs reconfigure

Hello - I live at Shoreline Blvd and Hwy 101 - it would be GREAT if the Southbound Route on Bus 40 could be re-configured to go up Shoreline Blvd or up Moffatt/Castro (to El Camino and still stop at San Antonio Center); so that it goes closer to or into downtown Mountain View. As it is now, I have to take Route 40 to San Antonio Shopping Center and then transfer to Route 35 to go BACK into Downtown Mtn View; which is... more »

Bus and Rail Service

bus cleanliness

VTA busses are so dirty compared to Sam Trans busses both inside and out. As I driver myself, I've had more than one passenger tell me this, so I checked it out. It's true. When I pulled in one night I noted that in 25 min. my bus was "cleaned", oil checked, gassed and put thru the wash and in the pullout format for the next day. 25 minutes done.

I did a walk thru on a Sam Trans bus myself.
The difference was night... more »

Help Enhance VTA's Website

Easier access to page with other transit operators

The "Other Bay Area Transit/Transportation Related Sites" page ( http://www.vta.org/getting-around/other-bay-area-transittransportation-related-sites ) on the VTA website is too deeply buried for most people to find it. It needs to be easier to find for users.

For starters, put a link to it on the bottom of the Schedules and Maps page ( http://www.vta.org/getting-around/schedules/by-type ). Also, instead of burying... more »

Bus and Rail Service

improvements to VTA to make it a great bus ride

Wifi access, televisions, restrooms, plug - ins adapters, wider aisles access, access to fare change to break big bills for riders.
routes 25, 58, 57 need improvements, 25 is not direct to De Anza College it is so annoying to wait so long to get the De Anza and have the Valley Medical consecutive buses pass, 57,57 routes are cut off, too early especially weekends, consider extending hours. Weekends waits are exteme... more »