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What would make you ride transit?

Well, I got here by way of a link on the home page asking the question 'what would make you ride transit?' So, my answer is that it's something that's not going to happen, if it happens at all, for quite some time. Many of the city & residential areas in this county are simply not designed for frequent & affordable public transportation. They're designed for cars (big wide streets & lanes). There is a small effort... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Discounts on Adult Monthly Express for CalTrain pass holders

Currently, CalTrain monthly pass holders who purchase a two (2) zone ticket ($112.75 for adults) receive local credit on buses and light rail (for which the VTA adult pass costs $70 per month).

I would like something analogous for the VTA Express passes. If someone, for example, holds a three zone ($159.00 for adults), they would get free rides on all VTA Express buses.

Typically, I buy four zone CalTrain passes... more »

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Reduce Day Pass Fare for Non-Express Buses

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Reduce the price of the day pass for non-express buses. Over the past two months I have become very familiar with the system. Most of the time however it is not worth getting a day pass because of the cost of the pass and the time it takes to travel from destinations, including waiting at bus stops. If the price of the day pass was reduced to 4 or 5 dollars, I would be more likely to use VTA.

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More Park/Ride Light Rail Stations

As we know that VTA does not cover each and every location and even when there is coverage the frequency of buses is very low.
There are quite a few people who want to use public transit like light rail atleast part of their commute and the other part by their cars.

Unlike caltrain , vta has very little park & ride lots.This makes it very difficult for commuters who want to use cars as part of their commute.

VTA should... more »

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better fare arrangements

Everybody knows that public transit in America is a chicken and egg problem. People don't ride transit because the buses and trains aren't frequent and since people don't ride it frequently, there is no way a system can be built.

A good incentive structure should be built for commuters to ride transit. Single, one-off, my-car-is-broken rides should be discouraged by increasing single ride fares and decreasing the fares... more »