Bus and Rail Service

Express Light Rail during weekday peek hours

This would be a Light Rail train that only stops at certain important stops. An example would be a train leaving Santa Teresa would head straight to Ohlone-Chynoweth, then Tamien, then Convention Center, the Santa Clara. Passengers at non-Express stops would transfer at the nearest Express stop for a faster ride on Light Rail. Unlike Express bus service, this should be regular fare.

Bus and Rail Service

More EcoPass incentives or discount fares

It would be a good idea to provide EcoPasses or a special student montly fare to students at the various colleges and universities that are within VTA's service area in order to encourage their ridership. Younger students who aren't old enough to drive are covered by Youth fare but college students are not. Maybe even a yearly pass that is valid between August and June for a reasonable price. VTA should also attempt to... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Mass transit in low density areas is doomed.

As a society, we can no longer afford elaborate systems of fixed-route diesel-powered buses driven by highly paid operators. A certain nearby transit system spends over $100,000,000/yr. to deliver around 10,000,000 trips, most of them short. I would rather see most of those trips delivered by plug-in hybrid cabs or hybrid jitneys; the environmental break-even point for a cab getting 40 mpg vrs. a diesel bus at 3? mpg... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Come on VTA get a brain

Schedule the weekend busses every 30 minutes instead of the 45 minutes some of them are now scheduled for. It just doesn't make any sense to run anything every 45 minutes. I would like to know who the brain dead individual was that decided to schedule buses every 45 minutes.on the weekend. An example is trying to hookup with the 73 from the light rail from Mt View. No matter what, you are going to wait more than 15 minutes... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Coordinate 180 departures w/actual BART arrivals on Raider-game

Allow up to 8 minutes "grace" (depending on actual BART arrivals) to Line 180 departures from Fremont BART on Raider-game Sundays. My BART train scheduled to arrive Fremont at 5:38 yesterday was 7 minutes late. I arrived at the 180 bus stop 2 minutes late and had to wait (with a dozen or more other passengers) an additional 28 minutes. Thanks.

Bus and Rail Service

SJC Airport Community Bus Express Shuttles

offer new community bus lines to/from SJC Airport and neighboring cities (operation on the freeways if needed)

#1 - San Jose Diridon Station/Downtown San Jose - San Jose Int'l Airport

#2 - Eastridge - San Jose Int'l Airport

#3 - Milpitas/Great Mall - San Jose Int'l Airport

#4 - Great America - San Jose Int'l Airport

#5 - Lockheed Martin/Moffett Park - San Jose Int'l Airport

#6 - Valley Fair - San Jose Int'l Airport... more »