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More Community Buses for remote areas of the county

These buses wouldn't have to run that often. 30 minutes during peak hours and 45-60 minutes off peak would be fine. I'm specifically talking about serving South County more. Bring back the Line 15, make the 16 go to the Morgan Hill Caltrain, and add another Line that serves areas of Morgan Hill not served by the 15 and 16 and can also serve San Martin.

Also, Monte Sereno currently isn't served by VTA. Many of the people... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Late Night Service on Friday and Saturday Night and on Holidays

Late Night Service on Friday and Saturday Night and on Holidays.

There should be even two runs, on at 130am and another at 230am after last call on Friday and Saturday nights in addition to 4th of July, New Year's Eve, Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, SF Pride and other similar events.

If funding is the issue cut and paste the lowest ridden trip during the day and the last trip of the day. And only do it on Light Rail and... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Fix bike racks on trains!

It is clear that whoever designed the current bike rack configuration on the VTA light rail trains never tested the system before installing it. With seats across from the racks, there is no room for someone to squeeze in and lift their bike up onto the racks while the seats are occupied. Having to lift the bikes is also difficult for many people who are short, have heavy or long bikes, or have disabilities. If they removed... more »

Bus and Rail Service

TEXT for help

Add TEXT for help on buses and light rail. There are so many acts of http://www.vta.org/safety/streetharassment.html onboard VTA, it's like riding in hell and the devils don't like snitches on voice 911 calls. And even though Dan Smith says they could be pranks, if he knew his job at all he'd know VTA always calls the bus drivedr in route to confirm the trouble even the bus driver was too afraid to call in!

Bus and Rail Service

Use Google to determine the actual need for public transit

Google has been using cell phone GPS data to display traffic patterns for a while now. Since the data can distinguish individual cell phones, it would be possible to build a database of actual trip destinations based on the patterns of cell phone usage. The identification of the destinations and the most common routes connecting those destinations would be a powerful method of determining the need for public transit support.... more »