Bus and Rail Service

What could VTA do to get you to ride our buses and light rail more often. We want to hear your ideas, and we want other to vote so we can learn the best way to get more cars off the road and people on transit.

Bus and Rail Service

transit etiquette

Many times during peak hours, one boards light rail only to find that passengers have blocked the seat next to them with briefcases, backpacks or other personal items. It would help if announcements could be made by the operator or pre-recorded by VTA. The announcements could remind passengers to not block seats with personal items.

Bus and Rail Service

Use Google to determine the actual need for public transit

Google has been using cell phone GPS data to display traffic patterns for a while now. Since the data can distinguish individual cell phones, it would be possible to build a database of actual trip destinations based on the patterns of cell phone usage. The identification of the destinations and the most common routes connecting those destinations would be a powerful method of determining the need for public transit support.... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Extend Light Rail to the Airport!!!

Light rail us USELESS if you want to go to the airport.

It goes NEAR but not TO the airport... Why would I want to fight with luggage to my car, in my car, out of my car, to the train, out of the train, then onto a bus, then out of the bus, then to wherever my airport destination is..... then all over again when I come back tired from my trip?

when I can fight the luggage into the car, out of the car, into the... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Paint Buses Attractive Colors

How do you get 22-year-old college students to continue to take buses after college? How do you get 28-year-old professionals who want to help the environment, but who have never taken a bus, to consider stepping on a bus? The outside of our buses are the best opportunity to advertise them to potential riders ... or drive people away. How the buses are painted matters a lot.

Right now buses are painted white with... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Express Buses to Mountain View and Sunnyvale

A lot of people work in Mountain View and Sunnyvale, so why are the express buses only going to Palo Alto and Fremont? There is only ONE EXPRESS bus from San Jose to Sunnyvale. And it only makes ONE trip a day each direction.

All other buses that make that trip are LIMITED buses (and the "Rapid" 522), which take a LONG time.

It seems like fast, frequent service from San Jose to MV or Sunnyvale would get more people... more »