Hack My Ride Ideas

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Hack My Ride Ideas

Ride related data (schedule accuracy, energy consumed/saved/etc)

To produce data that could:

* - compare schedule times with actual times to see what deviation there is

* - Use the data to state how much energy is consumed per leg in route by some rough calculations regarding average speed, distance and energy consumption rates of the vehicles

* - Show through infographics how much energy is saved / how much carbon has not been put into the environment / etc. by taking an average... more »

Hack My Ride Ideas

Best-Route Enhanced

Using google to search for a best route somewhere is okay... except they are forced to use "hubs" for transfer points.

As a former bus commuter, I have consistently designed my own routes to get across the city and have found that the best routes are not ones that google or any other mapping service can provide.

Create one of these or both:

1. A mapping system that allows riders to share their "best routes" and have... more »