Bus and Rail Service

What could VTA do to get you to ride our buses and light rail more often. We want to hear your ideas, and we want other to vote so we can learn the best way to get more cars off the road and people on transit.

Bus and Rail Service

Reduce Day Pass Fare for Non-Express Buses

Reduce the price of the day pass for non-express buses. Over the past two months I have become very familiar with the system. Most of the time however it is not worth getting a day pass because of the cost of the pass and the time it takes to travel from destinations, including waiting at bus stops. If the price of the day pass was reduced to 4 or 5 dollars, I would be more likely to use VTA.

Bus and Rail Service

Reduce Light Rail Transfers

Add more support for commuting to the Silicon Valley corridor by reducing the need to transfer. For example, start a Mt. View train from the Almaden or Santa Teresa station during the morning commute, and a Santa Teresa or Almaden train from the Mt View station during the evening commute. Make them Express trains with Wi-Fi and these routes would attract more commuters.

Bus and Rail Service

Commuter Express Service

I am loving the Commuter Express service, especially the free wi-fi and am now taking Light Rail 3 times per week. The morning times are perfect but, in the evening, they're kind of early. I am rarely done with work by 5pm so I usually miss the last Commuter Express train. Perhaps you could consider adding a 4th Commuter Express service leaving between 5:30-5:45pm from Baypointe?

Bus and Rail Service

SJC Airport Community Bus Express Shuttles

offer new community bus lines to/from SJC Airport and neighboring cities (operation on the freeways if needed)

#1 - San Jose Diridon Station/Downtown San Jose - San Jose Int'l Airport

#2 - Eastridge - San Jose Int'l Airport

#3 - Milpitas/Great Mall - San Jose Int'l Airport

#4 - Great America - San Jose Int'l Airport

#5 - Lockheed Martin/Moffett Park - San Jose Int'l Airport

#6 - Valley Fair - San Jose Int'l Airport... more »

Bus and Rail Service

My Ideas for VTA - November 2010

A) What if VTA had Express service from Gilroy to Eastridge (NEW Line 150), operating daily on Monterey Rd, Hwy 101, and Captiol Expwy?

B) What if VTA had Express service running from Eastridge to Fremont BART (NEW Line 145), running on Capitol Expwy, Capitol Ave (Alum Rock Transit Center/LRT Station), Hwy 680, Mission Blvd...to BART Station?

C) What if VTA had NEW Light Rail Lines??????

904 - Mountain View to Alum... more »