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improvements to VTA to make it a great bus ride

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Wifi access, televisions, restrooms, plug - ins adapters, wider aisles access, access to fare change to break big bills for riders.
routes 25, 58, 57 need improvements, 25 is not direct to De Anza College it is so annoying to wait so long to get the De Anza and have the Valley Medical consecutive buses pass, 57,57 routes are cut off, too early especially weekends, consider extending hours. Weekends waits are exteme... more »

Bus and Rail Service

bus cleanliness

VTA busses are so dirty compared to Sam Trans busses both inside and out. As I driver myself, I've had more than one passenger tell me this, so I checked it out. It's true. When I pulled in one night I noted that in 25 min. my bus was "cleaned", oil checked, gassed and put thru the wash and in the pullout format for the next day. 25 minutes done.

I did a walk thru on a Sam Trans bus myself.
The difference was night... more »

Bus and Rail Service

TEXT for help

Add TEXT for help on buses and light rail. There are so many acts of http://www.vta.org/safety/streetharassment.html onboard VTA, it's like riding in hell and the devils don't like snitches on voice 911 calls. And even though Dan Smith says they could be pranks, if he knew his job at all he'd know VTA always calls the bus drivedr in route to confirm the trouble even the bus driver was too afraid to call in!

Bus and Rail Service

Open up data for use by developers

Publish data to the Web so that app developers can access it. Right now, you can plan a trip with Google, but developers can't access that data to develop other useful apps. Also, VTA has an AVL system - it would be great if real-time vehicle location and arrival time estimation was available. This could also allow installing real-time arrival signs at busy stops.

If this info was made available to developers, they could... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Use Google to determine the actual need for public transit

Google has been using cell phone GPS data to display traffic patterns for a while now. Since the data can distinguish individual cell phones, it would be possible to build a database of actual trip destinations based on the patterns of cell phone usage. The identification of the destinations and the most common routes connecting those destinations would be a powerful method of determining the need for public transit support.... more »

Bus and Rail Service

What would make you ride transit?

Well, I got here by way of a link on the home page asking the question 'what would make you ride transit?' So, my answer is that it's something that's not going to happen, if it happens at all, for quite some time. Many of the city & residential areas in this county are simply not designed for frequent & affordable public transportation. They're designed for cars (big wide streets & lanes). There is a small effort... more »