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Bus and Rail Service

Open up data for use by developers

Publish data to the Web so that app developers can access it. Right now, you can plan a trip with Google, but developers can't access that data to develop other useful apps. Also, VTA has an AVL system - it would be great if real-time vehicle location and arrival time estimation was available. This could also allow installing real-time arrival signs at busy stops.

If this info was made available to developers, they could... more »

Hack My Ride Ideas

Best-Route Enhanced

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Using google to search for a best route somewhere is okay... except they are forced to use "hubs" for transfer points.

As a former bus commuter, I have consistently designed my own routes to get across the city and have found that the best routes are not ones that google or any other mapping service can provide.

Create one of these or both:

1. A mapping system that allows riders to share their "best routes" and have... more »