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Bus and Rail Service

Use electronic station signs like how BART uses them

Again, this will help increase productivity and efficiency for riders. Although VTA does show times on the paper bulletin, it would be easier for riders to look up and see how many minutes the next train will arrive.

This should also include: service advisories, active updates on *recent* delays, etc. By doing this, VTA can easily upgrade its current light rail infrastructure to that of a subway.

Also, these signs are... more »

Bus and Rail Service

Coordinate 180 departures w/actual BART arrivals on Raider-game

Allow up to 8 minutes "grace" (depending on actual BART arrivals) to Line 180 departures from Fremont BART on Raider-game Sundays. My BART train scheduled to arrive Fremont at 5:38 yesterday was 7 minutes late. I arrived at the 180 bus stop 2 minutes late and had to wait (with a dozen or more other passengers) an additional 28 minutes. Thanks.