Bus and Rail Service

Time-based fare policy

VTA needs to adopt a time-based fare collection policy system wide. Currently, on light rail, $2.00 buys you 2 hours of travel. You can change trains or reverse direction as long as you don’t exceed the expiration time stamped on the ticket. However, if you need to use the bus, you have to pay every time you board. If you have to take more than one bus, or a bus and a train, you’re penalized by the arbitrary geography of the transit system and forced to pay an additional fare. This might not have been a problem back in the day that a Day Pass cost twice the one-way fare, but now with the Day Pass at 3 times the base fare it can hurt. VTA needs to adopt a policy where $2.00 gets you two hours of travel on the VTA system regardless of what kind of vehicle you ride or which direction you go. It’s unfair to have one policy for rail and another for bus.


Idea No. 36