Bus and Rail Service

Mass transit in low density areas is doomed.

As a society, we can no longer afford elaborate systems of fixed-route diesel-powered buses driven by highly paid operators. A certain nearby transit system spends over $100,000,000/yr. to deliver around 10,000,000 trips, most of them short. I would rather see most of those trips delivered by plug-in hybrid cabs or hybrid jitneys; the environmental break-even point for a cab getting 40 mpg vrs. a diesel bus at 3? mpg is what, 13 bus riders/trip? Leave the buses for school routes, trunk lines, or special events. It was all based on access to cheap oil - not a scenario that is in the world's future. It will take massive investment to re-organize our transportation systems for the post cheap oil world - we need to get going on the redesign of transit infrastructure.


Idea No. 38