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Employer Sponsored EcoPass(Free to Use on VTA by Employees)

Employers play a major role in influencing how employees use public transit.


Details about VTA's Ecopass program are @ http://www.vta.org/ecopass/ecopass_corp/epbenefits.html


I think VTA should approach each major employer along North first street and atleast bring to their notice about VTA's Ecopass program


I approached my employer to offer Free Ecopasses to all our employees and they were happy to do it.It is also tax deductible and employees can get free ride on entire VTA system.

Most of peoples commute is revolved around commuting to work and if we can make it free by using Ecopass more people will use VTA.


From what I can tell VTA is doing a poor job of marketing EcoPass.There is no direct link to EcoPass from VTA's home page , where it should be probably the first link saying "Encourage your employer to give you a FREE VTA EcoPass"


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