Bus and Rail Service

Discounts on Adult Monthly Express for CalTrain pass holders

Currently, CalTrain monthly pass holders who purchase a two (2) zone ticket ($112.75 for adults) receive local credit on buses and light rail (for which the VTA adult pass costs $70 per month).


I would like something analogous for the VTA Express passes. If someone, for example, holds a three zone ($159.00 for adults), they would get free rides on all VTA Express buses.


Typically, I buy four zone CalTrain passes (San Jose to San Francisco). However, sometimes, I need to stay late in San Francisco and take BART back. The CalTrain monthly pass reduces the $4 fare to $2 on VTA 181 (Express), but it would be nice if it reduced it to zero (as it does for local fare credit with a two zone CalTrain pass).


There might be some situations in which this would reduce aggregate revenue between CalTrain and VTA (like line 168 which parallels CalTrain to Gilroy), so maybe line 168 could be excluded.


Idea No. 39